My name is Rachel Harris. I am the mother of four loud, energetic, funny, unfocused, affectionate boys! I am excited to be a stay at home where I have the opportunity to be directly involved in their development and growth. I am a fan of encouraging creativity, exploration and self-motivation in learning. I want to teach children how to teach themselves to learn. The goal is for them to see learning and growth as a lifelong passion, not simply something to "get through" for a time. Education should be adjusted to fit each individual child. No child is the same, therefore they cannot be expected to learn just like every other child. I strive to build a program that addresses the individual needs of each child, so that they are given the best opportunity to acheive their maximum potential. This is accomplished through careful coordination between myself and you as the parent. I want to be an extention of you. Children need consistency in love and discipline; the better I understand your parenting style, the more I can assist in providing that consistancy.


I am an Army Veteran who served as a Combat Medic and a Physical Therapy Tech for ten years. I loved being in the US Army, but my husband and I made the tough decision that it was time for me to get out of the Army so that I could spend more time at home with our kids. I understand the challanges of trying to balance work, family and everything else that life throws at us. I want you to be able to trust that the time that your child spends in my home will be full of love, fun and learning.